Thanks, Gucci

A special thanks goes out to Gucci, the Grammys and MGMT who all made this photograph possible:

Okay and I would kill for these miharayasuhiro sandals this spring. Like, commit full-on double homicide.


DIY Dreams

Whatever, two posts in two months. I don’t want to talk about it. Here are some things I am set on knocking off sometime in the next week:

That’s right, kids. Those are Burberry Prorsum buttons posing as epaulets. I have a couple sweaters that are dying for just this type of upgrade.

Neil Barrett’s A/W 10 features a bunch of over-sized buttons acting as pseudo-brooches on trenches, oxfords and t-shirts. It shouldn’t be to difficult to do. Actually, the most difficult part will probably be finding the buttons.

Okay, this Top-Man rope thing is killing me. Luckily, the Queer Student Cultural Center has a book on tying bondage knots, so I know exactly how to do this sort of thing.

Trussardi showed some real love for feathers in their S/S 10 collection for men. Kara and I had talked about doing feather epaulets on blazers for a while, but I think this will turn into something I will like for more than a month.

This last DIY project is stolen from Kara’s fingertips via Tulle and Plume and Apartment Therapy. That’s right. I just want to take a giant piece of plywood and stencil some letters on it for my room. I actually already have the perfect spot for it.

I’m thinking maybe “the better you look, the more you see.” (Bret Easton Ellis via Glamorama via AnOther Man Mag) or “you want it; i got it. go get it; i’ll buy it.” or some Jay-Z (“got six model chicks, six bottles of cris”)  or Nelly lyric.

Andreia Chaves, Over It.

Everyone and their mom has been putting these concept shoes by Brazilian designer Andreia Chaves on their blogs. I’m not even really that impressed; decide for yourself.

One thing I do love: the SS10 Dolce marketing featuring binge-eating sprdomestic Madonna (shot by Steve Klein):

I know these have been out for a week or so, but I’ve been wrapped in finals. It was nice to come back to a full stock of new fashion lusts.

DIY Decadent Epaulets

After being a little inspired by Adam Lambert’s glittery spiked blazer during the controversial AMA performance, I decided to give this whole DIY thing a little more attention.


Before (I look way awkward because I was talking while Angie took the pic)

I started with just these spikes from Extreme Noise Punk Rock and decided to also add chains, studs and drywall screws. Here is the finished product!

xmas xcursions


lovely ladies


My inspiration folder, which I began in Sept. 2007, has since grown to about 300 pictures. I’d approximate that about 30% are Ashley Olsen images, but that’s for a later post. Here are a few of my non-Ash favorite ladies: 


Ultimate punk rock gorgeousness, courtesy Debbie Harry. (That’s Iggy Pop behind her, in case you didn’t know. But if you’re reading this, I sure hope you did.)

Marilyn Monroe & Arthur Miller, taken by Sam Shaw

Britney Spears in W magazine, 2002?

This is my wallpaper right now … a mastiff, Paris, a polka-dot dress — yes please.

Bebe Buell with Steven Tyler. Here is an interview I did with Bebe at the beginning of September.

Marianne Faithfull

happy birthday to me

(Thanksgiving dress from Leifsdottir, omnipresent skull ring)

I turned 22 today, reluctantly. Spent the morning with my 2-year-old best friend Brody. It’s been relatively low key and I’m OK with that — Birthday Nite @ Burrito Loco on Tuesday was enough for me.

Everybody was very lovely and gave me fantastic gifts — threader earrings from Chels, a blue pencil skirt from Amy, boots from John (which I got in August, but we’re not good at waiting), the McQueen cake from Jack. Besides some NY spending money from my parents, they also got me The Fame Monster and, of course, another bottle of my treasured OPI polish.

This time it’s “Got the Blues for Red.” Review to come, obviously. But it’s back to The Liars’ Club and Golden Girls reruns for my lame duck self.